Self portrait—a (tv screen) reflection

Today as I was taking my photo for my 365 on film I noticed my reflection in the tv screen. I found the sunset light in the room quite fascinating and used my DSLR to try to capture this moment. While I often feel wrong or vain for taking self portraits I’m slowly learning andContinue reading “Self portrait—a (tv screen) reflection”

#AMonthOnFilm – Self

22—Self I want to hide my whole self, I am scared I am so much more than what people see—I am a body, a mind, a spirit, a soul He sees me, He loves me, He knows me more intimately than any person ever could. I do not need to be afraid of Him. #amonthonfilmContinue reading “#AMonthOnFilm – Self”

#AMonthOnFilm – Self

22—Self Just a shot of myself wearing my NewSpring “faith moves mountains” shirt reflected in the big mirror on our bathroom door. Not fond of being captured with a camera and very slowly learning to see myself as part of God’s good creation—both inside and outside. My whole self has been on quite the journey,Continue reading “#AMonthOnFilm – Self”

#AMonthOnFilm – I’m feeling…

8—I’m feeling… Extra anxious, depressed, not really here, just wanting to fade away forever #amonthonfilm is a photo project with prompts hosted by two photographers on InstagramPhoto taken: June 8, 2020 For this project I used: Nikon FE, Kodak Portra 400 film developed & scanned by The Darkroom Lab