#AMonthOnFilm – Looking up

6—Looking upJust looking up at the sunset sky from our yard. I took two shots because I was anxious and rushed through the first shot and didn’t think I got a very good view the first time. #amonthonfilm is a photo project with prompts hosted by two photographers on InstagramPhoto taken: June 4, 2020 ForContinue reading “#AMonthOnFilm – Looking up”

#AMonthOnFilm – Traces of covid

5—Traces of covidJust a picture on my phone that I took yesterday of me and Ben at his oncology appointment. It was so strange to have to go through a screening line to enter the hospital and have to wear a mask (until now that’s been normal for my husband but not me). I wasContinue reading “#AMonthOnFilm – Traces of covid”

#AMonthOnFilm – Outside looking in

4—Outside looking inJust a basic photo with me standing on the porch at sunset looking through the living room window at all 4 kids facing me. I enjoy this photo and I would have liked to have taken a less posed, more real life or documentary style picture but I guess I decided to playContinue reading “#AMonthOnFilm – Outside looking in”

#AMonthOnFilm – Routine

3—RoutineHere are my feet on the Wii balance board. My exercise is part of my routine. This gentle exercise— at least walking each day—has been so helpful for me. It might seem cheesy and ineffective but for me, right now, this is what works and is attainable. I don’t expect to be in fantastic shapeContinue reading “#AMonthOnFilm – Routine”

#AMonthOnFilm – A Sacred Space

1-A sacred spaceMy Bible and one of my negative thoughts reframed on my phone sitting on top of my blanket in my bed in the morning. This is what I do each morning before I get out of bed.[took 2 shots since it was the first on the roll] #amonthonfilm is a photo project withContinue reading “#AMonthOnFilm – A Sacred Space”