#AMonthOnFilm – Traces of COVID

5—Traces of COVID

This probably isn’t what most people think of for traces of covid. People in masks and markers for “social distancing” are very common. Something that seems to be less commonly mentioned is the toll covid is taking on our mental health. I already had intense mental health struggles before covid and now it’s even more complex. My depression and anxiety have become different and intensified as I’ve had things taken away from me—weekly, in-person therapy appointments, not being able to go with my husband to the checkups that haven’t been canceled (his health was fragile before covid and he’s at high risk), being isolated from people even more than I was before, fearing for my husband’s health when I go to the grocery store to get necessities, having normalcy ripped away…..just to name a few things. I often feel so anxious or like I’m not really here, paralyzed with fear, alone, like pure chaos, extremely sad and want to die. This is the best way I could think of to show that in a photo. I’m guessing I’m not alone in this. If you can relate to any of this…I see you.

#amonthonfilm is a photo project with prompts hosted by two photographers on Instagram
Photo taken: September 5, 2020

For this project I used: Nikon F100, Kodak Portra 400

film developed & scanned by The Darkroom Lab

Published by acreamer05

Sometimes I have no words and I use my camera to speak for me- wife, mom to 4, saved by grace, documentary photographer, viola player, looking for light, therapeutic photography, fighting for mental health

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