#AMonthOnFilm – Routine


Ben preparing to put ylang ylang essential oil combined with carrier oil on me. This has become part of my daily routine—every 2 hours while I’m awake we apply essential oil to me in order to help with my trauma response and mental health symptoms. The symptoms are so intense and debilitating and can become life threatening. While essential oils don’t completely take the symptoms away or “cure” me they do help me to be able to cope. I’m so thankful this has become a part of my routine as it is helpful and familiar so it helps to create a sense of safety. I am thankful for Ben’s willingness and persistence in making sure he helps to care for me by reminding me to use essential oils throughout each day and helping with the process—left to myself I’d probably decide I’m not worth it and skip the oils—I’m thankful for Ben’s support in this.

#amonthonfilm is a photo project with prompts hosted by two photographers on Instagram
Photo taken: September 3, 2020

For this project I used: Nikon F100, Kodak Portra 400

film developed & scanned by The Darkroom Lab

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