#AMonthOnFilm – Still life

24—Still life

Tiny clump of dead lilacs from my small collection of dead, dried out plants laying on the sidewalk in evening light. I like dead things, plants can be just as interesting to me when they’re dead and dry as when they’re brightly blooming and full of life. I try to appreciate the beauty in all stages.

[I was disappointed with this photo because the exposure is brighter than I prefer, but this is film and I only get one shot at each frame and can’t just review and delete—still learning]

#amonthonfilm is a photo project with prompts hosted by two photographers on Instagram
Photo taken: June 24, 2020

For this project I used: Nikon FE, Kodak Portra 400

film developed & scanned by The Darkroom Lab

Published by acreamer05

Sometimes I have no words and I use my camera to speak for me- wife, mom to 4, saved by grace, documentary photographer, viola player, looking for light, therapeutic photography, fighting for mental health

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