#AMonthOnFilm – Something you dislike

18—Something you dislike

I dislike severely struggling with my mental health (anxiety, depression, CPTSD) and all the treatment and hospitalizations I’ve endured that have caused further trauma and not helped which leaves fewer tools and options for recovery. I dislike how our culture and churches often act and live in ways that can cause further harm for those struggling with mental health by not recognizing trauma or the reality of living in an imperfect world. I dislike that I laid in my bed most of this afternoon wishing I could die. This is the spot where I laid with my blanket.

#amonthonfilm is a photo project with prompts hosted by two photographers on Instagram
Photo taken: June 18, 2020

For this project I used: Nikon FE, Kodak Portra 400

film developed & scanned by The Darkroom Lab

Published by acreamer05

Sometimes I have no words and I use my camera to speak for me- wife, mom to 4, saved by grace, documentary photographer, viola player, looking for light, therapeutic photography, fighting for mental health

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