Processing Spiritual Abuse Through Therapeutic Photography

I took these images after listening to The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast episode 42–an interview with Dr. Diane Langberg about spiritual abuse. This podcast was incredibly encouraging and insightful for me. It gave me a lot to think about, consider and process. Personally I felt encouraged, understood and uplifted by Dr. Langberg’s voice, wordsContinue reading “Processing Spiritual Abuse Through Therapeutic Photography”

In the dirt

Broken, wounded, lifeless, down in the dirt— where few people seem to care to sit with those who are broken-hearted and hurting. I lie here trying to survive, wondering if I will ever be revived. I know in Him I have hope yet it seems impossible. I try to keep breathing and trusting in GodContinue reading “In the dirt”

Why I Love Photography

Why I Love Photography Over the years I have come to realize several reasons I love and benefit from photography. I know each of us are unique and have specific ways photography can be helpful, enjoyable or rewarding for us as an individual. As I thought about it I was able to list 6 ofContinue reading “Why I Love Photography”