Kids Were Here – Seasons Collide

A cheerful, yellow watering can right where the kids left it. Didn’t seem necessary with the current freezing cold weather that day when I spotted this outside. Taking the time to notice this silly situation helped to bring a little light into my day which was filled with difficult moments and anxiety.


Trying to survive through the battle of the freezing cold, harmful, incredibly damaging storm. I am broken and somehow still holding on. God sustains me though I feel mostly dead. Trying to do my part, working, and waiting to thaw. He is faithful. This photo was taken on a cold afternoon when I was strugglingContinue reading “Broken”

Winter Sunset From The Passenger Seat

For the past 10 months we haven’t left home very often and I rarely take my camera when we do. This time I chose to bring my camera and was able to capture some images from my view in the passenger seat on the way home as the sun was setting.

A Winter drive – shot on iPhone

I’ve heard it said that the best camera is the one you have with you. While I truly do prefer to use one of my cameras I don’t always have my DSLR or 35mm film cameras with me. On this day we had been to an appointment and on the way home I felt inspiredContinue reading “A Winter drive – shot on iPhone”