Photo Project: Clouds—Story

As I faced (and continue to face) very intense, life-long mental health struggles that can be very disabling, challenging and disturbing for me, I remember spending many evenings outside at home just watching and photographing the sky as a way to try to help myself stay alive and survive. Seeing, watching, taking note of, andContinue reading “Photo Project: Clouds—Story”

Photo Project: Clouds—Broken Heart

This cloud project is very personal to me. In a way, I feel it tells my own life story without words. To me, my story often feels unspeakable, as though there are no words to adequately express it. And what I see in these images can be very relatable to the experience of my ownContinue reading “Photo Project: Clouds—Broken Heart”

Photo Project: Clouds—Printed Zine Available for Order

It is challenging for me to believe I finally get to share this with you: my CLOUDS zine is now available for order! In previous posts I’ve shared about the individual steps in the process that led me to the final print of this photo project. It took me approximately a year once I beganContinue reading “Photo Project: Clouds—Printed Zine Available for Order”

Photo Project: Clouds—My Zine Layout and Sequencing Process Using Prints

In previous posts about my CLOUDS zine I’ve shared how the project is coming together as I work through the entire zine creation process. I’ve recently finished my layout and sequencing process AND ordered my copy of what I hope will be the final version of this printed zine which includes 132 pages of imagesContinue reading “Photo Project: Clouds—My Zine Layout and Sequencing Process Using Prints”

Photo Project: Clouds—Zine Test Print

In my previous post I mentioned that I’d reached an exciting milestone in my Clouds photo project: ordering my test print of a small portion of this project printed in zine form. This printing was just a small selection of some of my cloud images to check how photos would print and make sure IContinue reading “Photo Project: Clouds—Zine Test Print”

Photo Project: Clouds—Celebrating a Milestone

As a way to cope with the intense, moment-to-moment mental health struggles I face as a result of surviving trauma, one thing I naturally began doing was noticing, focusing on and capturing the captivating clouds that I would see when out and about or while at home in our yard. I’ve spent years taking cloudContinue reading “Photo Project: Clouds—Celebrating a Milestone”