Photo Project: in the moment | collection 1 – Creative Coping

I have several ongoing photo projects in the works at various stages and due to my intense mental health struggles being extra challenging I naturally gravitated toward this new project—in the moment—as a way to try to help myself cope.

It was important and helpful for me to make photographs as a way to stay aware of my surroundings and appreciate the beauty around me. It became a big challenge for me to have my heavy DSLR nearby or to be able to pick it up. I considered using a film point and shoot camera I had, but knew I didn’t have the capacity or strength to develop the film at this time.

I wished that I could have a small, good quality digital camera with the capability to do in-camera film simulations that would be more manageable to keep with me and also offer a level of creativity and uniqueness without the added step of editing photos at my computer. Unfortunately this was not an option for me as I didn’t have the funds to purchase a camera.

This “in the moment” project was my compromise to creatively and resourcefully finding a solution to help myself cope with intense, moment to moment struggles when my circumstances prevent me from doing this the way I would prefer.

I came across the FIMO app that I could use to take pictures on my phone using film simulations. I used the free version which was limited to just a few film simulations.

Rather than focusing on what I didn’t have I tried to enjoy what I did have available and use that to the best of my ability. I viewed this like using a vintage Polaroid film camera with a digital aspect. The film simulations added an element of suspense, surprise, not being in control and embracing and finding beauty in the unpredictability. And since the images were digital I was able to see them when making the photos rather than waiting until the film was developed which added a level of enjoyment to this project which was helpful for me at that time.

I wasn’t making amazing, extremely high quality, fantastic images and I was working to stay aware of my surroundings in a meaningful way, surviving one more moment when survival seemed too challenging, paying attention to the light and shadows around me, learning a little more what it is to be present, alive, thankful, appreciative, and enjoy life. All these qualities made “in the moment” a very meaningful project for me.

Since I continued to take many pictures over time I decided to print these images in multiple collections. This first collection contains black & white images taken in August 2022. I’ve ordered my first test print of this zine and am currently waiting to receive it. Then I plan to make it available to others.

It is my hope that by sharing this project, the idea behind the project, and these images, perhaps it could provide a little inspiration, hope, or in some way be beneficial for others.

Published by acreamer05

Sometimes I have no words and I use my camera to speak for me- wife, mom to 4, saved by grace, documentary photographer, viola player, looking for light, therapeutic photography, fighting for mental health

3 thoughts on “Photo Project: in the moment | collection 1 – Creative Coping

  1. Your creativity in spite of your ongoing struggles is amazing and quite inspirational. I also believe you’re wrong when you write “ I wasn’t making amazing, extremely high quality, fantastic images…”. I believe your photos in this post and on Flickr are fantastic. Your ability to create meaningful images from every day scenes is a gift. Best of luck with your latest project.


    1. Rick, thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I really appreciate your kind, thoughtful and encouraging words—that means a lot to me and helps inspire me to keep taking pictures. Thanks so much!


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